At the beginning of 2020, David Fontanals and I decided to start a crowdfunding project about Ripollet. David had the intuition to think of a book on heritage and cultural history aimed primarily for children and their surrounding adults.

Through Verkami, we launched our proposal: A full-colour, hardcover illustrated album, with a selection of different areas of historical, cultural and popular interest in the city of Ripollet. The project obtained 100% of the financing thanks to the participation of more than 100 patrons!

Nevertheless, in March 2020, a state of alarm was declared due to COVID-19, and the book had some difficulties in production. We were finally able to print it out and slowly distribute it to patrons. The sanitary conditions did not allow us to make standard public presentations, so we presented it in small committees, events, local fairs and social media.

The reception was very positive. So positive that, before the end of 2020, we had sold out the first edition! A short period, in which we have enjoyed, learned and shared our stories and imaginations about the places we live.

Interview with ID